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Social Media Survey Results

Monday, May 9, 2011   (0 Comments)
Posted by: LocalShops1 Girl
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As you know, we're big on social media. We love it, love it, love it.  (click here to find out just how much).
But is it all just fun and games? This survey was dedicated to social media and its impact on society. Here are the results! If you haven't taken it, you can find it here. Have fun!

And make sure to read through to the end to find out who won
the handcrafted jewelry set (butterfly-inspired bracelet and earrings) by Linda Evans in Tampa and who won a $10 gift certificate to Domain Home Accessories in Gulfport.

Where did you first hear that the president was about to make speech about Osama bin Laden?
• On Facebook (25 percent)
• On Twitter (0 percent)
• On TV (50 percent)
On a news website (12.5 percent)
Someone called to tell me (12.5 percent)
I didn't know anything about it until this morning. (0 percent)

Which of these social media sites are you connected with? Check as many as apply.
Facebook (100 percent)
Twitter (50 percent)
LinkedIn (85 percent)
FourSquare (12.5 percent)
Other (5 percent)

Of all the social media sites, which one do you use most often?
Facebook (100 percent)
Twitter (0 percent)
Linked-In (0 percent)
FourSquare (0 percent)
Other (0 percent)

Since joining the social media world, what's the longest you have gone without checking Facebook?
I think I made it a full hour without Facebook once! (12 percent)
I've actually skipped a day. (82 percent)
A few days, I guess. I'm not too hooked on it. (6 percent)
Oh, I'm not on Facebook that much at all. Might check in once a week or so, if that. (0 percent)
I'm not on Facebook at all. (0 percent)
What's Facebook? (0 percent)

Would you give up social media sites forever for $100,000?
yes (33.3 percent)
no (33.3 percent)
not sure (33.3 percent)

Do you have a story about how social media has impacted your life? Reconnected you with a friend? Helped market your business? Alerted you on news? Good or bad, we want to hear it. Here are some of the responses:
Lucy Barber:  I've learned so much from being on facebook, from the pages that I like (health, beauty, businesses, etc) as well as friends and professionals. It's also very cool when I see someone during live networking that I've seen on facebook, and can mention it as part of introductions. It's fun too...I love all kinds of good and effective communication! 
Christy Bebeay:  Reconnected with many friends - all over the country; just as important, I've made new friends!  

Dawn Termani:  I'm not an easiiy addicted individual. I made it through the 1970's AND the 80's without being addicted to anything other than caffeine. This all changed once I began using social media. When my son and his pregnant girlfriend moved during her final few weeks of gestation to another state a full day's travel away and didn't phone, I began my first real use of Myspace and Facebook because they updated their sites every couple days. Once there I began to search for people i knew who knew them, then other friends. When it occurred to me that I could find old friends, even high school buddies who'd fallen off my radar years ago, I began to spend some serious time. Once I began to meet friends of local friends and see those people around town it was all over. Now I'm hooked. I am not one of those for whom social media has brought in money, although i know people who are very successful using social media. What it has done for me is to give me a medium for putting my creative writing in front of a potential audience and has brought a way to gauge reaction to my songs and my singing other than immediate audience response at the time. This has been valuable in ways I didn't expect. When "friends" turn into '"fans" because you have been able to put your art on facebook or a ReverbNation page and you become someone who attracts attention for that, doors can open and I find myself traveling to perform in shows in parts of Florida where people live would never have heard of me. I know those who have been able to sell their original music on these sites as well as itunes or Amazon. Those are the next steps for me. Who can recommend a good recording studio? I'm on my way...Hugs, Dawn 

linda evans:  Facebook helps me keep the social in my Life by connecting me to REAL friends and family who are willing to help me if need be --my dad was sick recently and had to hospital -i facebooked kevina at church and she was on the move-next morning, she called me, checked on him, and got the care team ready to serve or help--just from one message-and of course any one putting out sos for charities, needly children, help from friends just has to message or write on a wall and poof! people come with baskets of food, veggies and clothers and other assistance! FB while addictive at times, connects me to real people in the real world all over the globe and not just those in temple terrace or st pete!  

Kristina Robinson:  I've been reconnected with MANY friends on facebook, friends that I knew growing up, went to school with, etc. Of course, facebook is also where I learned about LS1 and I've met MANY people and I enjoy using it to build relationships and connections. 

Julie Burch:  I like hearing what friends are doing, but it makes me jealous because my life is so boring!! 

And the winners are ....

Debbie Stevenson gets the beautiful butterfly jewelry set from Linda Evans Jewelry in Tampa.
Julie Burch and Heather Sell each get a $10 gift card from Domain Home Accessories in Gulfport.

And a special bonus prize goes to our favorite response on the impact of social media.  Debra Kee wins a $5 gift card from St. Pete Bagel. Here is what she has to say about social media.

I'm from back in the day...91/92...when social media was mostly IM's, bulletin boards and irc chat rooms. Being a gal who has spilled more drinks/drugs than most have ever consumed (21 years clean sober this July) I joined a coffee shop BBS that held 12 step meeting on line. This caused a lot of fuss cause the "old timers" of sobriety felt no one could stay sober with a computer.

The largest national publication of this kind,The Grapevine, did a feature story on us. Soon after we began having yearly reunions in person....and all the original members are still there and sober. My point is that seeing social media take on new faces and names, it really hasn't changed that much. We are all looking for support, validation and to do some business and social media has always provided this.

The names are fancier, the people are plentyful, and often it fills to big to do its job. I like that we have localized our trades and talents and that we can stay active here!